Ivanova, E.I., V.G. Isakova, M.S. Ignatov & E.A. Ignatova. On the moss flora of Khangalassky District (Republic of Sakha/Yakutia, East Siberia)

Arctoa (2017) 26: 4757

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.26.4


New and previously known data on the moss flora of Khangalassky District are summarized. The list of mosses includes 232 species, 59 of them are newly recorded for this territory. Territory of the district is situated in Central Yakutia, along the middle course of Lena River. There is the Nature park Lena Pillars known by vertical limestone cliffs up to 100 m high stretching for ca. 80 km along the right bank of Lena River. They host a number of species with generally more southern distribution, e.g., Anomodon minor, Brachythecium buchananii, Fabronia ciliaris, Homalia trichomanoides, Homomallium incurvatum, Leucodon sciuroides, Entodon schleicheri, Oxyrrhynchium hians, Philonotis falcata, Plagiomnium acutum, Trachycystis ussuriensis, etc. A unique combination of habitats provides environments for co-existence side-by-side of hygrophilous, mesic, and xeric moss species. New localities of some rare species were revealed. Indusiella thianschanica and Jaffueliobryum latifolium, previously known only in one locality near Labyja Creek mouth, were found on dry cliffs and dry rock outcrops on the left bank of Lena River. Myrinia rotundifolia, known from few localities in the north of Yakutia and in Taimyr, appeared to be abundant on moist rock ledges just near the water on the left bank of Lena River. Fissidens arcticus was collected several times on rock ledges covered with soil along the river and on soil in Salix thickets on the river island. Rare epigeic species, Pterygoneurum kozlovii and Hennediella heimii, were collected in the eastern part of the district, on cryogenic hills (boolgunnyakhs) covered by low grass meadow.