Ignatova E.A., Ivanova E.I., Ignatov M.S. 2018. Moss flora of Sette-Daban Range (East Yakutia)

Arctoa (2018) 27: 119–130

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.27.12


Moss flora of the Sette-Daban Range is studied. The range is constituting the westernmost part of Verkhoyansk Mountains in its southern part, the studied area being between 62°45and 63°14latitude. The range is composed by limestone parts in its West, intermingling at places on its East with areas with schist rocks. The annotated list of mosses includes 294 species, which is the highest number in the Verkhoyansk area, apparently due to abundance of calcareous substrates. The large limestone areas in subalpine belt have scattered populations of Andreaeobryum macrosporum. Other interesting species in the area include Hydrogonium amplexifolium, H. gregarium, Struckia enervis, Hymenostylium xerophilum, Indusiella thianschanica, Scouleria pulcherrima, Blindiadelphus diversifolius, B. sibiricus, B. subimmersus.