Sofronova E.V. 2018. A contribution to the liverwort flora of the Upper Course of Indigirka River, East Yakutia

Arctoa (2018) 27: 157–163

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.27.15


The list of liverworts of Upper Course of the Indigirka River was first updated in 1980. An annotated list of liverworts collected and reported here includes 65 species. The data on structures associated with reproduction, localities, substrates, habitats, and growth pattern are also provided. Marsupella sprucei is recorded for the first time for Yakutia. In several plant communities, a very small number of liverworts have been collected. Almost all the diversity of species was found to occur along the banks of watercourses, in wet niches of rock-fields and in moist, shaded cracks of rock. On the banks of a small brook, numerous rock outcrops and rock-fields on Tas-Kystabyt Mt. Range, eight rare species were found – Calycularia laxa, Cryptocolea imbricata, Marchantia romanica, Marsupella boeckii, Pseudotritomaria heterophylla, Scapania kaurinii, S. rufidula, S. sphaerifera. Asterella saccata and Mannia fragrans are limited here in their distribution only to steppes. Another rare species – Haplomitrium hookeri is found in the moss community on old rut winter road.