Ignatov, M.S. & O.I. Kuznetsova. 2021. A further range extension of Redfearnia (Bryophyta, Amblystegiaceae), with new data on its phylogenic position

Arctoa (2021) 30: 25–42

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.30.03


Redfearnia baii is reported from Russia, in southern Siberia in Altai Mountains in Altai Republic and in West Sayan foothills in Khakasia. The previously known enigma of its origin by a putative intrafamilial hybridization event is supported. Molecular phylogenetic analysis on a wider set of pleurocarps confirmed similarity of its nuclear ITS1 with Herzogiella (Plagiotheciaceae), while ITS2 is similar to species of genera Campylophyllum, Platyhypnum, Drepanium, Podperaea, and Tomentypnum that form a basal grade to the Amblystegiaceae. Affinity to the latter group of genera is found in separate analyses of plastid trnG and trnStrnF regions, and in mitochondrial nad5. Few IGS sequences that are situated in genome after ITS2 agree with ITS2 in supporting affinity to Amblystegiaceae. One more plastid marker atpBrbcL gave indefinite results, but at least Redfearnia showed no affinity to Plagiotheciaceae. Thus the only evidence for the Herzogiella’s foreign gene comes from nuclear ITS1. However, this evidence is very clear and confirmed from plants from five localities separated from each other by hundreds and thousands kilometer. A possible explanations of such inconsistency are discussed. Morphological distinctions between Asian and American populations are overviewed.