Enroth, J. & J.R. Shevock. 2021. Contributions to the moss families Neckeraceae and Pterobryaceae of Bhutan

Arctoa (2021) 30: 43–46

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.30.04


Three species previously thought to be Chinese endemics from the easternmost Himalayas are reported from Bhutan: Shevockia inunctocarpa Enroth & M.C. Ji and Taiwanobryum yunnanense (Enroth) Enroth comb. nov. of the Neckeraceae, and Calyptothecium acostatum J.X. Luo of the Pterobryaceae. The latter, originally described from Xizang, is also reported from Yunnan, China. Additionally, Noguchiodendron sphaerocarpum (Nog.) Ninh & Pócs is reported for the second time (since 1971) from Bhutan.