Konstantinova, N.A. & A.N. Savchenko. 2021. To the liverwort flora of Caucasus: the liverworts of the Upper Kurdzhips River Basin (Krasnodar Territory)

Arctoa (2021) 30: 63–70

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.30.07


The annotated list of liverworts of the middle course of the Kurjips River (Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory) is compiled based on identification of 150 specimens gathered by the authors in 2018. It counts 35 species, among them one species (Scapania glaucocephala) recorded as new for Caucasus and two species (Scapania calcicola and Trichocolea tomentella) as new for the Krasnodar Territory. Five liverwort species are threatened in Krasnodar Territory including Frullania parvistipula (=F. caucasica), which is critically endangered in Europe. Two species of Cololejeunea (C. rossettiana and C. calcarea), which in Russia only occur in the Caucasus and were previously considered rare, were collected in most of the studied areas, although always in very small numbers. Annotations to the species include distribution, description of habitats and data on reproduction structures. Distribution of the phytogeographically interesting species is discussed.