Konstantinova, N.A., A.A. Vilnet & A.V. Rumyantseva. 2021. Contribution to the liverwort flora of the Republic of North Ossetia (North Caucasus)

Arctoa (2021) 30: 71–78

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.30.08


Based on the identification of 60 samples collected by one of the authors, an annotated list of liverworts of the Alania National Park (North Caucasus, Republic of North Ossetia) was compiled for the first time. The list includes 27 species, the vast majority of which (19) were not previously known to the republic. The annotation for each species includes some synonyms, the presence of reproductive structures, habitat characteristics, a list of localities and associated species. The morphological features and distribution of rare in the Caucasus and little-known species are discussed. Based on publications and data obtained here, the list of species currently known for the Republic of North Ossetia including 52 species is provided. The oil bodies of Solenostoma caucasicum are described for the first time. GenBank accession numbers for seven species (nine samples) are given, a total of 17 accessions were deposited into GenBank.