Berg, C., F.Fernandez-Mendoza, R. Brooks, T. Stadlober & M. Pöltl. 2021. Vegetative reproduction in the genus Riccia (subgenus Riccia)

Arctoa (2021) 30: 347–353

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.30.23


In cultivation experiments we studied growth behavior on living material of several Riccia-species as a part of the Austrian Riccia-Project. By documenting plant growth from natural habitats and from our living collection by photographs, we could show the known types of propagation (1) fragmentation of the rosettes and (2) apical tubers. In addition, we documented sprouting as a third important and somewhat forgotten type of vegetative reproduction within the subgenus Riccia. We conclude that various Riccia-species have a high potential for vegetative reproduction which allows species to keep or resettle habitats after harsh periods like drought or after changes of light conditions.