Ignatova, E.A., O.I. Kuznetsova & M.S. Ignatov. 2022. A new species of Drepanocladus (Bryophyta) from Yakutia

Arctoa (2022) 31: 17–21

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.31.03


Drepanocladus jacuticus is described as new for science from the Central Yakutia. Superficially this species is similar to a small Campylium species, with slightly gradually reflexed leaves. Leaf costae are variable, being double in some leaves and single in others in a way known in D. polygamus. However this plant is very small and its alar cells are always small, quadrate, and laminal cells are much shorter than in that species. Molecular phylogenetic data of the nuclear ITS region found the position of this species in Drepanocladus-clade, in the basal position sister to all other species of the genus. It occurs in Central Yakutia, in xeric areas where relatively dry grasslands form on somewhat salty permafrost soil.