Dudov, S.V., V.E. Fedosov, E.A. Ignatova & O.I. Ryabenko. 2022. Moss flora of Tokinsky Stanovik Range (Amur Province and Southern Yakutia; Russia): an annotated checklist

Arctoa (2022) 31: 89–110

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.31.11


Data on the moss flora of Tokinsky Stanovik are presented. This is a hard-to-reach and little-studied mountainous area, including a territory of the recently organized Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park. We collected mosses in 2018–2021. Original field materials supplemented by published data resulted in an annotated check-list of 338 species and one variety; collecting localities, altitudinal distribution and ecology are provided for each species. 145 species are newly recorded for Tokinsky Stanovik. Within the boundaries of the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park, 267 species of mosses were revealed. Thirteen species from our list are new for the southern part of the Russian Far East, two are new for Yakutia and 33 species are presented for the first time for the Amur Province.