Kaganov, V.V. & T.I. Koroteeva. 2022. Mosses and liverworts of the main tree species of riparian forests in the middle part of Sakhalin Island (Russian Far East)

Arctoa (2022) 31: 185–190

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.31.20


Mosses and liverworts of the most widespread deciduous trees of the riparian forests in the middle part of Sakhalin, Russian Far East are presented. The study includes Tym’ and Poronai rivers basins where the 15 localities were studied. Ten species of liverworts and 62 species of mosses were recorded on tree trunks and their bases. Most frequent epiphytes in this area are Anomodon thraustus, Anomodontella longifolia, Homalia trichomanoides, Neckera pennata, Plagiomnium acutum, Pylaisia polyantha, and P. condensata. All hepatics were found only in few localities, and on few trunks. The maximal number of bryospecies has been recorded on Populus maximowiczii, 58, Salix udensis, 25, Alnus hirsuta and Ulmus spp., 23 species. Six and nine species have been identified for Fraxinus mandshurica and Chosenia arbutifolia, respectively. The epiphytic bryoflora of the study area has less than half of species in common with the epiphytic bryofloras of Kamchatka, 28 species (45%) and southern Primorsky Territory, 26 species (41%). A number of epiphytic moss species were found in middle part of Sakhalin for the first time: Anomodon thraustus, Fissidens cf. bryoides, Rauiella fujisana.