Baisheva, E.Z. 2023. Bryophyte vegetation of Bashkiria, South Urals. IV. On the bryophyte communities in Belaya River Valley, Bashkortostan

Arctoa (2023) 32: 1–9

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.32.01


In the upstream of Belaya River (Republic of Bashkortostan, South Ural region), the observing and classification of epiphytic, epixylic, and epilithic bryophyte communities were performed following the Brown-Blanquet approach. The revealed communities are presented by nine associations and one rangless community belonging to 4 classes, 5 orders and 6 alliances. The relevés and localities of associations Anomodontetum longifolii Waldheim 1944, Anomodontetum rugelii Peciar 1965, Homomallietum incurvati Philippi 1965 and Pseudoleskeelletum catenulatae Ježek & Vondráček 1962 are reported to the republic for the first time.