Shestakova, A.A. & O.V. Biryukova. 2023. Bryophyte vegetation of Nizhny Novgorod Province (European Russia)

Arctoa (2023) 32: 10–25

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.32.02


Bryophyte communities were studied in different types of forests in Nizhny Novgorod Province using Braun-Blanquet approach. The presented system of bryophyte vegetation includes 6 classes, 9 orders, 11 alliances and 3 suballiances. A total of 23 associations, 13 subassociations and one community were described. 6 associations were described as new and the position in the system of high syntaxa has been critically revised for 1 subassociation. The peculiarities of floristic composition and ecological characteristics of revealed bryophyte communities are discussed.