Konstantinova, N.A., A.N. Savchenko, A.A. Vilnet. 2023. Contribution to the flora of Franz Josef Land Archipelago. II. Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) of Alexandra Land Island

Arctoa (2023) 32: 26–33

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.32.03


An annotated list of liverworts of the Alexandra Land (Franz Josef Land) was compiled based on identification of 90 specimens collected by one of the authors in various parts of the island. The list counts 23 species, including Diplophyllum albicans, Marsupella apiculata, M. boeckii, M. sprucei, and Prasanthus suecicus, which are new to the archipelago. The previously published data on the flora of liverworts of the island are analyzed and 12 previously recorded species are excluded. GenBank accession numbers are provided for 3 arctic species (8 samples, 15 accessions). ITS1-2 nrDNA and trnL-F cpDNA phylogeny of Lophoziopsis rubrigemma revealed its hybrid origin from Lophoziopsis polaris and L. excisa. The morphological features and distribution of some species in the archipelago are discussed.