Konstantinova, N.A., E.D. Lapshina & G.N. Ganasevich. 2023. The liverworts of the Avam tundra (Southern Taimyr)

Arctoa (2023) 32: 34–47

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.32.04


The annotated list of liverworts, compiled on the basis of identification of specimens collected at three key sites in the Avam tundra (Taimyr Peninsula), has 85 species and two varieties. This is the second richest flora of liverworts of Taimyr. The list includes, along with widespread species, a large number of species rare in the region, including one that in this study is first recorded for the peninsula (Rudolgaea borealis) and one known only from records of the 19th century (Mannia pilosa). Each species is provided with comments on the presence of reproductive structures, the frequency of occurrence in each of the three studied key territories, a list of accompanying species and a description of the main habitats and plant communities where they occur. The most phytogeographically interesting discoveries are considered separately and the problems of identification of some groups of liverworts in the Arctic are discussed. The data obtained supplement the available information on the diversity of liverworts, their frequency and distribution in the central part of southern Taimyr.