Czernyadjeva, I.V., E.A. Ignatova & M.S. Ignatov. 2023. The genus Pleuridium (Ditrichaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia

Arctoa (2023) 32: 48–58

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.32.05


A revision of the collections of Pleuridium from Russia revealed that most of them belong to P. subulatum, whereas two specimens from Kamchatka represent a species new for science described here as P. kamchaticum Czernyadjeva & Ignatova. All herbarium specimens from Russia referred to P. acuminatum were found to be P. subulatum. Thus P. acuminatum is known from the Russian territory only based on literature, including publication of Klinggraff with detailed correct description of this species in addition to locality data. Pleuridium subulatum is widespread in European Russia, having scattered findings in Altai, Transbaikalia, Yakutia, and Kamchatka.