The Perm City (5756'-5811' N 5550-5556E) is placed in the valley of Kama River and occupies about 800 km2. 150 species and 2 varietes of mosses are found on its territory in 1994-1999. Up to 30% of the flora is formed by hygrophytes. Dicranella humlis, Gyroweisia tenuis, Bryum cyclophyllum are reported for Perm Province for the first time. Nine species, known by records of late XIXearly XX centure were not found and likely to be disappeared: Meesia triquetra, Sphagnum compactum, S. cuspidatum, S. majus, S. papillosum, S. platyphyllum, S. subsecundum,Splachnum ampullaceum, and S. rubrum. The following abbreviations are used in the species list: U unique; RR very rare; R rare; MC moderately common; C common; S means presence of sporophytes.