Distichiaceae. Genus Distichium

1. Capsules erect, cylindrical, straight to slightly arcuate; spores 17-24 m 3. D. capillaceum

This species is common in northern, mountain and continental regions (especially in permafrost areas), in lowlands it is often absent. When rare it is strictly confined to limestones, whereas when common (Yakutia) it grows on soil and peat in a wide range of habitats.

Capsules inclined, ovoid to oblong-ovoid; spores more than 30 m 2

2. Peristomes with 16 teeth grouped in 8 pairs 2. D. hagenii

Rare and scattered in the North and in the permafrost zone of Yakutia. Cannot be separated from D. inclinatum without sporophytes.

Peristomes with 16 equally spaced teeth 1. D. inclinatum

Widespread in mountain areas, but locally rather rare, except in permafrost areas of Yakutia and Anabar Plateau in southern Taimyr. Especially abundant near late snow beds.