Scouleriaceae. Genus Scouleria

1. Upper leaf margins with several rows of large, thick cells, forming a dark border, occasionally in lower 1/3-1/2(-2/3) of leaf with bistratose submarginal border of several rows of elongate cells; peristome teeth not fragile, usually present in deoperculate capsules, reflexed when dry; columella ± narrowly attached to the operculum; operculum with moderately long, subobtuse beak 1. S. pulcherrima

This species is sporadically distributed in Asian Russia, from Taimyr to Chukotka and to Vitim and Amur River basins. It grows on rocky substrates: cliffs, boulders, sometimes pebbles along temporarily flooding banks of rivers and creeks, or more rarely on lake shores. It is abundant in suitable habitats, but in Genusl the species is not common.

Leaf margins not bordered; peristome teeth fragile, usually not present in deoperculate capsules, adherent to the inner surface of the operculum; columella broadly attached to the operculum; operculum with very small, acute apiculus 2. S. rschewinii

This species was described from the lower course of the Yenisey River; most recent records of it are from the Vilyui River basin in Yakutia and from Vitim River in Irkutsk Province; also known from a few localities in NE Yakutia and Chukotka. It grows in about the same habitats as S. pulcherrima.