Herbarium specimens of Russian mosses


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The database allows queries of different levels. By default the leaves is short, for simplest questions.
For additional information select Basic and Advanced queries <
Fields for search include abbreviations of br /> region of Moss Flora of Russia (MFR) .
Dropping menu for MFR region shows either abbreviation or its full name (choose code/full name)
The column TNum on the right in report indicates the number of specimens which fulful the querry
Database allows comparison species composition of two regions. For this mark
"compare two selections" and choose regions. Option "AND" shows species known in
both X and Y regions; "xOR" shows species occurring in a least one of them.
Template matching possibilities include: 1) exact match; 2) subfield exact match;
and 3) regular expression [e.g. MHA|LE will select either MHA or LE specimens]

Any reference to MFR database materials must include citation:

Ivanov O.V., Kolesnikova M.A., Afonina O.M., Akatova T.V., Baisheva E.Z., Belkina O.A., Bezgodov A.G., Czernyadjeva I.V., Dudov S.V., Fedosov V.E., Ignatova E.A., Ivanova E.I., Kozhin M.N., Lapshina E.D., Notov A.A., Pisarenko O.Yu., Popova N.N., Savchenko A.N., Teleganova V.V., Ukrainskaya G.Yu., Ignatov M.S. 2017. The database of the Moss flora of Russia // Arctoa. Vol. 26(1): 1–10. doi10.15298/arctoa.26.01

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